Spiritual Technology

Work In Progress: Only a high level sketch/outline at the moment.

A quick review

  • Our material technology and science have far exceeded what I call spiritual technology for lack of a better term - with devastating consequence to the overall health of the human civilization.
  • One may argue that the crescendo of crisis we are witnessing now is really the playing out of this unbalanced dynamic.
  • It is sad to inform that apparently, human civilization as a whole is still in adolescent.
  • At the individual level, are we really better than actual teenager/youngster?
  • (For all their faults teenager/youngster do have certain good traits. What I'm talking about is whether we have mastered methods to overcome some shadow aspect of adolescents such as negative impulsivity)

Untapped potential of our mind

  • Classical psychology: Ego as central concept, the subconscious mind is largely not in our direct control... Freud and beyond such as Jungian psychology.
  • Individuated consciousness, ego as illusion in buddhism
  • Taming/Overcoming ego as a central mission in esoteric spiritual practise
  • Consequences of negative ego dynamic: constant drama, interpersonal conflict, no peace of mind, repetitive and predictable patterns in (what I argue are largely avertable) tragedies...
  • Hope: from ego dynamic to eco dynamic (covered in "Love and Real Transhumanism")
  • If you believe in supernatural: Harmony in the whole "stack" - higher spirit using lower body/mind/ego as a vehicle to deliver/express love
  • A lovely combination: utilizing what may initially appear to be ugly (ego) towards a beautiful end

Basic Practise, surprising result

  • ABC of our mind: Affect/Emotion, Behavior, Cognition.
  • 1) Meditation: Operating System in safe mode (and much more)
  • Temporarily quiet down our mind and hold up a mirror to observe ourself
  • Monkey mind, constant chatter
  • Discover that we are not that mind. We are not our feeling either.
  • A first step towards true freedom - by not being controlled by mechanistic, reactive programme of the false self.
  • Why this is wise: avoid the classical problem of trying to confront/avoid it which usually make things worse. (and is the same anxious manifestation of the false duality both of which leads to deadend)
  • 2) Emotionally focused method: a family of technique that directly target, process, transform, sublimate emotions.
  • Example of something innovative in this area: Ho'oponopono
  • The only four sentences we really need: I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
  • Focus on individual responsibility even if it appears to have no relation whatsoever - a tacit recognition that we are all connected, and the suffering of anyone is our suffering too.
  • Interesting stories (search the web for details): How he learnt it through a backdoor - the Hawaiian language itself. Healing a psychiatry hospital through such power, to make whole again what is broken.
  • Further liberate us by gaining emotional freedom. Also begin to unlock our capacity for real love by gradually recovering, by gradually increasing the fraction of our life spent in a positive state.
  • 3) Methods Working on our body directly
  • E.g. Karezza
  • A very rich and progressive/liberal theory that is well worth a close reading. But in short: the usual way people have sex is actually highly problematic...
  • You don't know what you are missing out until you try it yourself. Then you are like "I am soooo retarded and utterly clueless before, why I don't find this out earlier"
  • How do you know/notice things are not right/can be drastically improved when the whole society partake in it? The fish asking "what water" in an ocean?
  • Forget orgasm. Enter orgasmic state. Basically, you are given a button that can deliver a virtually endless stream of pleasure to your body, without much work at all.
  • Funny Things happen after 2 week of not ejaculating (btw ejaculation is not the same thing as orgasm, that part is also covered in other similar practise preceeding Karezza), and begin to get into full force by the 4th week.
  • Mindset > technique. Generous, affectionate touch instead of "hot sex".
  • Sex without having to involve the sex organ... Our whole body is sexual/sensual.
  • Aside from obvious benefit, also have societal implication... e.g. Do we really need to hold on to the idea that the 2 sexes are different/separate at all? (Considering how much suffering are ultimately traceable to this cultural belief) Even difference in sex organ need not pose an insurmontable obstacle.
  • Hope of true reunion