Love and Real Transhumanism

Work In Progress: Only a high level sketch/outline at the moment.

Technology based transhumanism is incomplete at best, and harmful at worst. Also maybe they meant to destroy large fraction of humanity so that the elite can become transhuman. / Real transhumanism is spirit expressing its infinite potential through physicality, so that the limit posed by our biological/evolution based mind/brain is overcome. So that love may truly become infinite. / Limit of human love as it exists today / Tragedy and apparent insolvable problems in human relationships such as romance etc - maybe not really insolvable, they are simply "not love at all" (according to a strict definition of "love"). Affection, yes, strong emotion, yes, but not "LOVE" proper.

Vision of what real love is capable of: 1) Perfect recoverability/robustness: everything is forgiveable. No relation, no matter how deeply damaged, is beyond repair. 2) Free flowing, unlimited supply: no more drama of jealousy/false scarcity. Breaking down of ego-barrier, much easier to get to intimate domain. You no longer need to "earn" love (yes, we all do currently, perhaps in more subtle form). Open relationship finally become practical.

Oceanic experience become the daily normal.

A society of love. Multiplicative effect once threshold reached. Imagine, when everyone love everyone, love would be in new abundance not seen ever before, and the light of love would really drive out fear as its total strength increases.

Such a society would be "magical". Many things that were impossible would become possible here.

The victory and triumph. Isn't it cute that what once were survival machine that are supposed to be brutal, turn into an expression of pure love, of both tenderness and fierceness? Isn't it ecstatic, that ego would melt and meld, and interact playfully? That even an action that appears to be an attack, is in fact an expression of affection , of vulnerability, and of togetherness/oneness?