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If you're here, you're probably wondering. For all you know, everything is business as usual in the real world. Yet there's this sense, this tickling, that something's simply off, that there is more in the world, that, in short, things are not as it seems. But you don't speak out, because you can't even formulate your thought in a way that's logical, coherent, and acceptable to society, without being labelled a freak. Or you tried and get put down in no time, in an reassuring or irritated voice depending on your luck. And it seems that they are right. Except that that feeling just won't go away, it keeps coming back like a persistent child asking for free candy.

Chances are, you are not alone.

We are living at an interesting time. On one hand, with the rapid pace of technological progress, we appears to be attempting to obtain God-like power and control over the universe. While some fields may face setback or obstacle, Artificial Intelligence is being developed at full throttle and some singulatarian predict that once the intelligence reaches certain threshold, it will bootstrap itself recursively, using its intelligence to improve itself in a closed loop, and given the immense speed of computer, this would result in an intelligence explosion and subsequent explosion in every human intellectual fields. Life would become a paradise as technologies are discovered by them that are so extreme from our current, limited mindset, that they would be like God indeed.

On the other hand, everything is falling apart and whatever feeble, pitiful efforts we've so far put forward to fix the system is utterly futile. The modern world, or western civilization circa 20th century model is designed with a set of premises fitting the historical context in which it arise, which just does not age nicely. (TODO)